Towersey Morris

Our Emblem

All Morris sides adopt a logo or emblem that is worn on their baldricks and other parts of the costume. Ours is the Headless Horseman of Towersey.

Legend has it that during a battle in the English Civil War - either the sack of Chinnor by Prince Rupert's cavalry or the battle of Chalgrove - a cavalier was wounded but managed to escape to Towersey, where he sought help.

Sadly for him, Towersey was staunchly parliamentarian and the villagers decapitated him.

The result of this act of treachery was that the ghost of the cavalier (who is said to be buried, with his horse, in an unmarked grave in Towersey churchyard) could not rest quietly and rides down Manor Road in Towersey each midsummer evening - shortly after closing time, apparently...